This fun loving release of L.A. RiverCatz might be considered “novelty rock” with great musicianship and quality recording. The CD was recorded in Los Angeles by a wild and rabid band of friends and musicians led by tunesmith, Andrew Lilly. Some of Mr. Lilly’s influences are Dr. John, Dr. Demento, Randy Newman, Spike Jones and Roger Miller. The songs feature comedic wit (sometimes warped) and a wide sense of satire. The album is eclectic with the tracks ranging from electric blues to classic jazz, rock and roll to country. Besides Andrew on vocals, the band members include superb vocalist Kaspar Abbo (Susie Hansen, The Bonedaddys), producer and bass player Ted Russell Kamp (Shooter Jennings, Wilson Philips, Calico, Candye Kane), guitarist Marcus Watkins (The Bastards of Bellville, Bonedaddys) Mark Doten on guitar (Double Naught Spy Car) and drummer Tom Fillman (Spencer Davis, Theresa James, Kris Kristofferson). Also featured on the tracks is Paul Lacques-Guitars and Jaw Harp, Joe Bernardi on Drums, Vince Meghrouni on Tenor Sax & Drums, Michael Fell on Harmonica, and special guest, Jimmy Powers on Harmonica.